Scalable Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI solution

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▪ Lead analyses of structured and unstructured data to tackle multiple and complex business problems
▪ Understand and recommend modeling techniques
▪ Serve as a domain expert for data assets and predictive analytics to business partners
▪ Lead multiple large and complex multi-functional projects from data exploration, model/tool building, and deployment
▪ Set priorities and executes strategy for the analytics organization, always thinking about where the team
is headed
▪ Use machine learning expertise to analyze various datasets, building new products, and evolving existing models
▪ Define technical requirements – key attributes, methods of calculation, and research
▪ Focusing on generating operational efficiencies and automation of manual tasks utilizing NLP and OCR, among others
▪ Identify attributes, features, and variables from data to implement
▪ Build models that can identify debt-to-income ratio, probability of default
▪ Define, research, and implement models that can identify key attributes from the data and on forecasting key attributes

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